An interactive workshop that will enable you to plan your roadmap for data-driven success

This workshop enables attendees to understand and apply a capability based framework called BAnDo© to develop their strategic approach towards implementing new data-driven operations to achieve desired business impact.

The framework is designed to help organizations understand how to organize their thinking around many new and diverse analytics concepts to achieve their desired business results.

You Will Learn

  • How basic capabilities are defined as building blocks and how they combine to drive business impact
  • How to identify, describe and organise groups of critical capabilities
  • How analytics and data concepts can be modeled as capabilities
  • How to create capability maps relating impact with business, analytics, data and organizational capabilities
  • How to identify projects and create roadmaps and plans from a capability map.
  • How to monitor and modify your data-driven journey
  • Business and technology leaders
  • Change management practitioners
  • Program leaders and project managers
  • Analytics and data governance professionals
  • Operational and functional managers
  • Business analysts
  • Analytics and data professionals
  • Information and analytics architects
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Program leaders and stakeholders

Who Should Attend

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The modern economy continues to increase its dependencies on data and information for generating wealth, creating opportunities and regulating activities. New advances in data storage technology, source data availability, analytic algorithms, visualisation techniques and open source software are causing challenges for companies to understand how everything fits together.

Modern analytic concepts such as Big Data, Open Data, Predictive Analytics, Advanced Visualisation, Data Lakes, Enterprise Data Hubs and Machine Learning must relate to each other and be assembled in a coherent manner to create meaningful business impact.

Venue Date Early Registration Until
Feb 15, 2017
Regular Registration
Feb 16 - Mar 3, 2017
McMaster Innovation Park
March 6th, 2017 $550 $650 Register Now

The workshop combines lectures with group activities to maximize attendee learning opportunities. Groups will analyse a case study and model capabilities and create a strategic roadmap for project implementation. Group presentations will facilitate discussion and individual learning.

About The Instructor


Mark Peco, CBIP is an experienced consultant, educator, manager and analyst. With graduate and undergraduate degrees in engineering from the University of Waterloo, he has led numerous consulting engagements helping clients adapt to fundamental shifts in their business models.

As a leading practitioner of Business Intelligence and Analytics, Mark is also a faculty member of TDWI and teaches companies on a global basis how to become data-driven as they implement “intelligent” business solutions. He is CBIP certified at the mastery level and maintains his professional focus at the intersection of business, operations and technology.


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