Typical Challenges Faced by Organizations

Some of the typical challenges faced by organizations in the current tough economic times:

  • Have data, but lack insight
  • Tons of data resides in operational systems databases, but business users lack insight into market, customer, and product trends that could help run the business more effectively.

  • No “big picture"
  • Stakeholders are unable to get a consolidated and consistent view of information across finance, sales, marketing, inventory, production and other functions, because data exists in silos.

  • Manual Information processing...
  • Reliance on data export to Excel, where it’s manipulated, cut / paste into reports for presentation to management. This process is time consuming, costly, error prone, subject to individual interpretation, inflexible, and limited to periodic intervals.

  • After-the-fact insight
  • Information reaches decision-makers when it’s too late to make a change. Unable to spot emerging opportunities and risks in time

It is now a well-known fact that organizations can harness the power Business Intelligence to address the above challenges and enable stakeholders by providing access to their data, so they derive actionable intelligence that helps reduce financial risk exposure, enhance business efficiency and improve profitability.

However implementing a Business Intelligence solution can be overwhelming especially when you do not have the business and technical skillsets, and most importantly the budget to acquire the technology and hardware infrastructure.

Being an Oracle Gold level partner allows us to integrate and implement the best of the breed Oracle Business Intelligence technology and Data Warehousing Solution that fits the requirement and budget of organizations of all sizes across multiple industry verticals.

Our qualified and highly experienced Oracle BI implementation team is capable of handling the entire gamut of solution delivery involving business discovery and analysis, solution architecture, Data Warehouse design & build, BI Server Installation & Configuration, Dimension Modelling, Dashboard & Analysis development and user training.