Learn How Analyze2RealizePro Can Help Get Timely, Accurate And Actionable Business Insights For Informed Decision-making

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Analyze2RealizePro is an “industry specific, prebuilt Business Intelligence solution”, developed by Business Analytics Consulting Group, to assist the Small & Medium Enterprises exploit the power of BI for their sustained growth in the long term.

Having worked for over 15 years in the field of Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing, the founders realized that the SME segment, which is most susceptible to the dynamically changing economic weather needed an innovative business intelligence solution that would allow them to

  • analyze their company data
  • make informed strategic & tactical decisions
  • monitor their business performance
  • improve business effectiveness
  • realize higher gains

It is practically unaffordable for SME’s to make a significant financial investment in technology and specialized resources required to harness the power of BI technology for their business. This was a compelling reason for us to develop an innovative out of the box Analytical Solution that we named as “Analyze2RealizePro”.

Are you an owner or manager of a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME)?Questions for SMEs

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions below, then “Analyze2RealizePro” is meant for you.

  • Do you find it challenging to achieve your business objectives due to lack of qualitative and timely information?
  • Are you unable to monitor business performance and make informed strategic and tactical decisions?
  • Are you concerned about growing competition, shrinking margins, and the future growth of your company?

So what is Analyze2RealizePro?

Analyze2RealizePro is the right Business Intelligence foundation for a Small and Medium Enterprise, that enables stakeholders to optimize business operations, increase revenues, prevent loss, and respond quickly to customer needs and market trends.

It is a complete business intelligence system in a box, built using proven and leading BI technology components, attractively priced, has flexible deployment options and ready to grow with your business.

What does Analyze2RealizePro offer?

Analyze2RealizePro fully integrates data from multiple business applications

Consolidate Data. Create single source of truth for your organization

single of truthOver the years of operations, organizations collect large amount of data
about their markets, customers, operations and finance, but most often this information resides in silos within the organization and is difficult to integrate and analyze. For this reason, the promise of getting accurate and timely business insights for making informed decisions in the operational, strategic and tactical areas, often goes unfulfilled.

Analyze2RealizePro helps enrich your data by putting it in context with data from sources such as Point-of-Sale Systems (POS), ERP, Supply Chain and CRM applications, creating the single source of truth and providing up-to-date business intelligence across your organization.



Analyze2RealizePro Dashboard

Stay informed. Get at a glance view of key performance indicators.

A2R_dashboardAnalyze2RealizePro has a fully interactive pre-built dashboard, which makes the presentation of data intuitive and easy to understand, with unrivalled ease of use characteristics. The dashboard provides at a glance view of key performance indicators (KPIs) and important metrics in a rich variety of charts, graphs, and gauges with drilling and navigation capabilities.

The KPIs can be customized to show exceptions or values crossing a pre-set threshold, giving personalized, actionable intelligence for decision-makers.



Analyze2RealizePro Analytical Reports

Unleash the power of your data. Get fast answers to critical business questions.

Track-Actual-Vs-Target-SalesAnalyze2Realize offers a set of powerful pre-built analytical reports that empower decision making with accurate information, in summary or detail. Business users get better visibility into risks, problem areas and critical issues, so that they are identified early, allowing them to take proactive actions. The drill-down capabilities of the analysis allow users to analyze further details and identify exactly which areas of the business are doing well and which aren’t.

The pre-built nature of the analytical reports shields the users from the complexity of the underlying data structures, ensures highest ease of use and lowers the workload on IT personnel.


Achieve greater transparency and visibility into multiple business areas – saving you time and money in manual information processing.

5 key reasons for SMEs to use Analyze2RealizePro

  • Cost effective, industry specific Out-of-the-box application, built based on industry best practices and powered by leading BI technology
  • License includes technology and data model, thus lowering the total cost of ownership
  • Consolidates data across the organization, offering a Single Source of Truth, consistent data quality and timely availability of Information
  • Get fast answers to business questions and drive value by making informed decisions
  • Start unleashing the power of your company data within weeks and generate faster ROI

Want to find out how Analyze2RealizePro can help you optimize business operations, increase revenues, prevent loss, and respond quickly to customer needs and market trends? Contact us now for a demo.