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In today’s tough economic times organizations need to continuously evolve their processes and systems, to stay competitive, improve their customer’s experience and increase profitability.

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions provide many benefits to companies. It can eliminate a lot of the guesswork within an organization, enhance communication among departments while coordinating activities, and enable companies to respond quickly to changes in financial conditions, customer preferences, and supply chain operations and many other business aspects. When implemented correctly BI can help improve the overall performance of the organization.

At BACG, Business Intelligence is all we do. Because we specialize in this field and have extensive experience of successfully implementing business intelligence projects for clients across various industries, we are well positioned to offer a complete portfolio of advisory services that will complement your functional and IT teams, and help in maximize the success of their BI initiatives.

We engage with the clients regardless of what stage they are in the Business Intelligence project lifecycle.

To learn more about Business Intelligence (BI), watch our video - What is Business Intelligence (BI).

BI Readiness Assessment

Before embarking on a Business Intelligence initiative, we strongly recommend you to assess your organizations readiness, irrespective of its size or maturity of the information systems.

Our BI Readiness Assessment approach essentially involves validating the business requirements, identify gaps, review the solution, present the findings to stakeholders and recommend an overall strategy Business Intelligence implementation strategy

BI Solution Architecture

It is a well-known fact that due to limited knowledge and resources organizations find it challenging to architect a scalable BI solution that caters to their business and technical requirements.

We can help you architect a scalable BI Solution taking into account your business and technical requirements and constraints. If asked for we can assist with the dimension modelling and determining the best fit technology.

BI Project Assessment

Assessing your BI initiative helps clarify, in broad terms, where your organisation currently is, where you want to be and how to get there. It can also be useful to address a specific BI problem or issue that the organization must be facing.

We can help assess your proposed or current data warehouse and business intelligence initiative and assist in maximizing its success.

Typically we assess the overall solution design and implementation approach, identify the gaps between business needs and technical architecture, recommend improvements, and take corrective actions if called for.

Retainer-based Advisor

If due to budget constraints, you are not able to hire a full-time senior resource to guide your business and IT team members during and after completion of your BI project, look no further.

You can leverage the experience and knowledge of our senior consultants to maximize the return-on-investment from your Business Intelligence initiative.

Your advisor would typically be available on an ongoing basis for a predetermined number of days and work with you both in an onsite or offsite model.

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